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Love Problem Solution

So many people will tell you to forget your ex lover and move on, but what if you feel that they are the one for you? What if you do not feel as though you want to move on? And worst of all – what if you feel that you..
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The Varshaphala or the the Vedic Yearly Astrology system makes a progressed yearly kundali for the person. The Varshaphala predicts how the individual's year is going to be. This basic Varshaphala report will..
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GemStone Problem

Gems, called 'Nature's Store House of energy', transmit certain powerful cosmic rays, which combat the negative & destructive vibrations of planets which are unfavorable in a person's horoscope, and increase the..
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Career Analysis Report

Astrologer provide reliable consultations and solutions for solving all the problematic aspects of one's career. Provide effective advice for making suitable career choice, and along with we offer regular consultations..
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Grah Nakshatra Problem

Just like amongst all animals the lions most powerful similarly among all the Nakshatras the Pushya Nakshatra is the most auspicious. This Yoga is known to remove all 'doshas'. If the Gochar moon is in the fourth, eight and twelfth then Pushya Nakshatra is said to fulfill every task undertaken and brings positive results. Moreover even if Pushya Nakshatra is malefic or the stars are malefic the Pushya Nakshatra works positively in completing whatever one undertakes except marriage:When Pushya Nakshatra falls on a Thursday or Sunday then this Nakshatra becomes really auspicious and is called 'Pushyamrit Yoga".This Yoga is known to be really effective for 'Ravi Pushya Tantra –Mantra siddhi , intake of ancient Indian herbs as well as Guru Pushya Buisness and financial gains. What one needs to remember is that a Pushya Nakshatra should be avoided in case of marriage and when it falls on a Friday.